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ยป News Archives - Ohmagod we're back again

June 12th, 2007, 12:41 am

Ohmagod we're back again

...I am singing to BSB *in singsongy voice*
It's been so long, ne? Didja miss me? ^3^ Thanks for continuing to stick with me, even though its been months since my last update. Since summer has started, I've been drawing a lot more. >3 So get used to more updates.

Hmm... changes since April...
My style is slightly different, I guess. Some parts look better, some look worse. D:
Also, I've fallen in love in Korean music~ Shinhwa, DBSK, Min Woo... the songs are so catchy, and the singers are so pretty. ^3^
I survived Junior year! Barely.
I have a facebook! Add me:
I'm starting a manga called Twinly. Drawing it up now.

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