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ยป News Archives - Last minute Update! **Fans please read~**

January 21st, 2007, 12:43 am

Last minute Update! **Fans please read~**

HELLO and welcome. I have recently seen a few comics (on here and dd and some other places) whose authors ask fans for character ideas! I always thought it was a great idea to include fans in the entire process, so I'm asking if anyone would like to contribute character ideas to PT. I have a vague idea where the story is going, but there are some villains that I'd like to include along the way. If you have any suggestions, contact me through any means and we'll talk. :D Please don't be offended if I alter a character in any way.

How many I need: A few. :D Submit as many ideas as you like, but I might not pick them all.

Guidelines: Don't worry about what I'm looking for, just have fun and let me hear your idea. If it fits as it is, HOORAY. If not, we'll talk. ^o^
Thanks for reading!


Antares, January 21st, 2007, 10:31 pm

..I didn't know other people were doing.. I was just desperate when I did it. @o@ LOL..
BUT OOOOH... O___________O MUST THINK OF A CHARACTER.--*hits self* Must do fanart NOW.. must do fan.. must draw character.. no, fanart fanart fanart..

WAAAH.. T________T I'm working on fanart right now... leave a slot open for me my master!!!!! *cries runs in a frenzy to work*
Narison, January 22nd, 2007, 12:49 am

lolol yeah, you were the latest person I've seen using it and I'm like "wtf I guess it's a good idea?!"

>D Don't over-work yourself~!

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