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ยป News Archives - @#^%*#$ inconsistent arts!

January 17th, 2007, 7:01 pm

@#^%*#$ inconsistent arts!

I'm really getting sick of thinking something looks okay to post up as an update, and then discovering, Hey... It's not good at ALL! *dies* xPPP

For instance, I like the way my last page for PT came out, but I'm sure tomorrow I'll think it looks like the ugliest thing in the world. D: That's it! Nothing but absolute professional quiality from me. No more laziness with the multiliners (That's where my best sketches become horrible DDD:)!

Sooooooooo thanks everyone for your support~ <333 Especially commenters, for their words excite me beyond comprehension. ^o^ Eternal gratefulness to you all!

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