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January 29th, 2007, 12:27 am



D: I'm a little bummed because I think someone has been going through Perfect Toy and Rococo Eternal giving pages 3*s or 4*s. UNACCEPTABLE! *flails in helplessness* I really REALLY don't wanna clear my ratings, but if this keeps up I might need to. *fears being too low on the 4*something scale* So please support me by ratings 5*s, and if you see that I have 0 ratings again, be sure to rates 5*s. You wouldn't want me to be a sad, lethargic comic artist, right? *large, watery eyes*

I'm so tired. T__T Volunteer work is long, but kinda fun I guess. The YMCA kids' bowling day collected about 20,700 dollars today~ ^o^

I should work on my self portrait this week. >>;;; *lazy, lazy Nari is trying to be more productive*


Gemmifer, January 29th, 2007, 5:52 pm

So. I hope you don't see me as a troll after this, but: What if someone does give you threes and fours? It's their right, don't you think so? The ratings are meaningless enough as it is with everybody giving their favourite comics only fives. A four and something rating would be worth a lot if the rating was sterner. The fours of that exacting person who even gave threes are probably a greater compliment than the fives on every page by those who give only fives.
Narison, January 30th, 2007, 6:57 pm

Yes, it's alright to give me low scores, but not having a high 4*something irks me a bit. Also, I hate it when someone brings me down in ratings and doesn't say why... or goes through my ENTIRE archive giving me low scores. :P So yes, a few 3s and 4s here and there don't bug me, but when I come back and see that I've gone down .5, I just... *shreds something*

Thanks for the thought, though~ ^^
Antares, February 2nd, 2007, 10:01 am

*GASP* Sonofabitch.. >:O Hold on.. let me get my meat cleaver! Don't worry Nari.. I'll fix this problem...!! *runs to go hunting*

I think you're right. So give such a low rating without perhaps giving critique it a bit childish. ><; I mean, hey, I might as well not rate it at all if I were going to give a low rating and not even say why. Cause then what would the point be..

You do what you have to do. >.< *huggle* Don't worry, you have lots of adoring fans who love your work either waaayy..

Now excuse me. XD *goes back on a hunt*

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