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The following people are loved beyond belief. :O

Dark Smexy Master Haru~!<3

ZOMGGGG ANTARESSSS~! *major glompage* What could possibly beat a fanart from this awesome artist person?! I know. Fanart plus an icon plus dozens of comments. I was so excited to get this, I must have convulsed on the floor for a good while... And to think it's the first Perfect Toy fanart EVAR?! *hophophop* Anty is the greatest. You should go check her out if you already haven't :O.

Art by the oh-so-wonderful Antares <3

Cutey Toy Kanoni~! <3

AWWWWWWW! *squee* If that isn't the cutest toy in the world, I don't know what is. I'm also VERY AMUSED by the penguin. You have no idea how amused I am, man. =^o^= This fanart and its symbolism makes me happy. :'D You wonderful fanart giving person, you.

Art by the adorable Pelica~!

Kanoni In "Signature" Outfit~

A little late getting this up. Isn't it so cute? :3 Thank you very much, RoseFae, Noni-chan looks so playful and lovable here! I like how simple the lineart and colors are~

Kanoni In Swimsuit

Ooo lala, Kanoni looks a little more mature here than in the comic, ne? X3 Cute pose and nice coloring~ Thanks very much to Yuni! *huggles*

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